Coaching Session -  $125
Spiritual Reading - $150

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Date: Saturday, April 15, 2017
Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm
Location: The Center, 548 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

Calling all you Unicorn Warriors! How do we BE the change? How do we keep our hearts open and practice a powerful and radical love that makes a difference? The Unicorn Warrior Workshop Series, is a monthly workshop focused providing spiritual support to Artists, Activists & Healers. April's workshop will focus on spiritual and material abundance! More info here

Past Workshops (2017)

January - How to be a Unicorn Warrior in Dark Times

February - Changemaker Heart Lab - Focusing on the Politics of the Heart

March - Self Care in Dark Times


Transformation can only come about through an inner revolution! In order to transform our world we must first change from within.

Transformational coaching is designed for individuals and groups seeking not just an improvement of circumstances, but the deep and radical change that comes from an inner shift from one state of being to another.  From this transformed space you choose the careers you want, the partners you need and the paths you walk from a more authentic and enlightened place.

The work is deep, powerful, challenging, and LIFE CHANGING.

I am passionate about creating transformation through the frameworks of spirituality, creativity, prosperity and community. I have personally experienced, and seen in my clients, that exploration in these areas can bring about deep change and healing not only for ourselves, but in the world around us.


SPECIAL: $85 per session for those working in the arts, social justice, or holistic health fields (purchase by 4/30/17) *New sessions only, minimum 3 session package*

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Dive deep into your life and experience faster transformation on your spiritual path. This offering includes in-depth and comprehensive spiritual instruction and coaching on a weekly basis, with frequent check-ins and support.

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Where Love meets Creativity, Growth and Good People!

An ongoing monthly coaching workshop dedicated to exploring real world tactics for creating peace, love & power.

$25 / San Francisco

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