I believe that spirituality is beyond religion, denomination. It is a coming into awareness of who we truly are and that we are connected in a powerful way. This awareness touches everything. Living from this deeper state allows you to feel lighter, more uplifted, more powerful, more clear, less fearful and more connected and more purposeful.

“The most powerful force on earth is the human soul on fire.”           - Anonymous

"Yesenia's unconditional support and belief in me as a person and in the goals and values which I want to align myself with, starting from the point of inherent belief externalized in a coach, provided a counterpoint to entrenched practices or habits which were not serving me. To have a coach who held me to what I deemed my highest, got me to think about and make efforts towards behavioral shifts...sometimes the quietest of gestures in this direction, with Yesenia's guidance, helped me (re)align and/or reinforce my life." - S.C.

​​Many of us feel a sense that we are not reaching the potential of who we know ourselves to be deep in our hearts and minds. This feeling can manifest as vague sense of dissatisfaction, stuckness, or sometimes even depression. We may feel the calling to express ourselves in a different way, one more true to who we feel we are. We may even come to a dark night of the soul, where it is difficult even to find purpose and meaning in our lives. 

When this happens it is very difficult for us to "break-thru" for many reasons:

1) We may not have an understanding that our "medicine" in these moments is of a spiritual nature, not material, and so we go off track by trying to solve something that cannot be solved in the way we are trying to solve it.

2) We may not think it is possible, because we carry a negative (and untrue) perception of our our own strengths, gifts and capabilities. We feel defeated before we begin. 

3) We feel alone in our struggles and don't believe others will understand, or will judge us. So we often don't reach out when we require support & care.

As your coach, I see my role as helping you move through spiritual challenges or blocks by giving you practical tools that will help you to

bring your "higher self" in to you day to day life. In my own life, I found ways to create major shifts in my patterns and limitations and move into more clarity, peace, joy, & self power. As I did this, my material reality also shifted in response. I received more abundance in my career, relationships & home life. I feel connected and whole. I know you can feel this way, too.

It would be my honor to help you manifest your biggest and brightest self!