“I sit before flowers hoping they can train me in the art of opening up.”
- Shane Koyczan

“Yesenia's unconditional support and belief in me as a person and in the goals and values which I want to align myself with, starting from the point of inherent belief externalized in a coach, provided a counterpoint to entrenched practices or habits which were not serving me. To have a coach who held me to what I deemed my highest, got me to think about and make efforts towards behavioral shifts...sometimes the quietest of gestures in this direction, with Yesenia's guidance, helped me (re)align and/or reinforce my life. Deepen my 360 gratitude, and made me richer (life quantum-wise) for it. Yesenia's extensive work with artists and the arts nonprofit sector also reinforced her ability to keep creativity and generative action at the heart of our work together, which was so important for me as an artist.”- I.Z.

Is there a relationship between creativity and our personal evolution? 

Absolutely. Our personal growth touches on every aspect of our lives. When we see something from a deeper vantage point, we are able to more fluidly change our actions and ultimately transform into the person we are trying to become. 

As artists, it can be hard to achieve our vision. So often we get lost in 
the web of our complex ideas and the confusion of trying to split our creative energy in so many directions. The desire for freedom floods the creative process. 

So, how do we become abundant visionaries? How do we get from wanting more success to producing more success? 

In my 20 years of experience, most often there are four basic challenges for artists and visionaries: 

1) Translating the vision
2) Artist/writers block 
3) Committing to one project
4) Accurate resource assessment and allocation 

I believe in your highest success and your ability to overcome anything. In order to reach to a new level of creativity, we need to identify and overcome the habits and thoughts that are limiting you. My work is to help you bridge the gap between idea and execution in a way that is empowering and strategic.