• Coaching & Philanthropy Project Award Recipient, 2008
  • Coach for Life Institute, International Coach Federation Accredited Coaching Training, 2009
  • Founding Member: Consultants & Coaches for the
  • Coach & Trainer: Center for Cultural Innovation
  • Contributing Author: Business of Art, © 2012

“I had a wonderful experience working with you. Your guidance was just what I needed to get back on track to life journey. I never felt judged, but instead a genuine care and interest in my well being” - G.M.

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."
-​ Maya Angelou

my coaching statement


I Believe There is an Energy Beyond the Manifest that is Supportive!

This energy can be called Source, God, Life, The Universe or just Love, which is my personal favorite. Call it whatever feels right to you, but my experience is that what we are made from is always around us, connecting us and supporting us. This energy IS present in coaching, on our side, and CAN be accessed to help us change our lives.

​​I Believe Life IS Creative!

We have limitless possibilities, endless opportunities, untapped potential and resources that we can look to and draw from in creating our lives. As a coach, I will always hold space to move beyond our expectations and limitations. I aim to bring the spirit of creativity into all my sessions.

I Believe that We are Powerful Beyond Our Wildest Dreams!

The Universe wants us to be our highest, most authentic, most awesome self. But we are in a Partnership. We must be the ones to take Action. To move toward It. And in that we come in to the power and beauty of who we are and we begin to live truly amazing lives. One of my highest goals and commitments is for you to feel empowered your day to day life to affect change. ​​

About Me


I have always felt a deep calling to help people. When I was 9 years old I had a spiritual calling and a clarity that came to me about the state of the world and the pain, confusion and aloneness that we all feel. In a way that is difficult to describe, it became clear to me that the inner affects the outer and that nothing would become better, or easier, until what was in us was healed. Though this conviction and clarity was strong, it was channeled through a 9 year old, so the interpretation got a bit muddied. I thought that this meant at some point I would probably have to be a nun! Though, culturally Catholic, I was not brought up in any religion, so I wasn't really sure how I was going to go about this!

As I got older, I learned that I was deeply spiritual, yet not religious. At 15, I began to understand that I had been gifted insight and the ability to channel healing and spiritual guidance. I began to explore and expand upon this through the use of tarot cards and other intuitive tools. At 19 I began to offer intuitive readings professionally. At 23, I began to truly seek. I met two very special teachers that I took as my spiritual mentors and immersed myself in my path that ultimately brought me to myself and deeper into my commitment to help others. At 40, I experienced a transformative event and awakening that brought me even deeper into love and service.


Along with spirituality, the other passion in life has been creativity. I was drawn to theater and the arts from a young age and explored acting, radio, writing & poetry. What I discovered was that creativity for me was not about my own creative work, but was a process that was deeply spiritual to me. I developed a deep understanding of the power of creativity to affect change in us and the world. It became a part of my mission to support artists and creative people in bringing more creativity into the world.

As I continued to work with people spiritually and intuitively, I also received my coaching training and developed a career path of supporting artists and arts organizations through business consulting and coaching. (You can find more about this work here:


At the heart of what I do is to help bring your highest self in to day to day life. I do this in a grounded, doable way. In order for our work together to have value to you, you need to be able to see change happening in your life. It needs to show up in your money, your health, you relationships, everything. In my own life, I was lucky enough to have teachers who told me from the beginning it was not about sitting on a mountain top waiting for enlightenment, it was about engaging deeply in every aspect of life. It is about right brain/left brain integration! This philosophy runs through all that I do.


​I love you! I do!  I know you don't "know" me, or think I "know" you, but to me that doesn't matter. It is my intention to love and serve and I deeply appreciate your efforts to heal yourself and in turn bring more light, creativity, and healing to the world.


On behalf of Everyone - THANK YOU!